Reach out to us to make an appointment in Chardon, OH

Reach out to us to make an appointment in Chardon, OH

We Offer Free Consultations for Tree Removal Service

Your trees should be cared for just like your flowers, grass and home. When you have leaning, dying or rotting trees, you could be putting your home in danger. Keep your trees healthy and happy by hiring DC Tree & Landscape Design. We can assess your trees and recommend treatments so you won't have to worry about their condition.

If you do have problematic trees, schedule tree removal service. That covers a lot of different types of tree work, including:

  • Removing trees and stumps
  • Cutting limbs and branches
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Fertilizing trees
  • Opening up landscapes

We'll clear your lawn of any debris after every job so you're left with a picturesque yard in Chardon, OH. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for stump removal or tree removal service.


We're contract climbers

Our team can successfully handle tree and stump removal, but we also trim, prune and remove overgrown tree branches. We work under contract to cut trees or branches down and let our clients choose what they want to do with the remaining wood. You could keep the trunk for firewood or use the branches for compost.

We can also clear all the wood off of your property, if you prefer. Call 216-372-4838 now to schedule an appointment.